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Palms/Altar Decor/DATE Style/4 per bag


Palms for Altar decor. Date style comes 4 per bag. Price is per bag. These can be combined with other style palms for elegant decorations. (This style not available in California or Arizona.) 

***Every year we get questions about the decor palms, especially the brown tips on the fans and date leaves.  As most of you know, these tips are like this as the leaf grows on the plannt itself.  It is not the result of drying after harvesting.  The brown tips indicate the rainfall that year, the nutrients in the soil, and the age of the leaf on the tree.  These tips are naturally occuring and do not demonstrate whether or not the leaf is "going bad".  Tips can be trimmed by customers if they do not like the natural look of the leaf, but either way once placed in an arrangement, the tips are not noticeable and truley do add to the look of the leaf, not take away from it.***